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Steven Salerno


Steven Salerno

Steven Salerno has illustrated more than twenty picture books, including BIG BROTHERS AT BAT, which made the NY Times Book Review's list of notable picture books for 2012, BOOM!, and COCO THE CARROT. A graduate of Parsons School of Design, he lives in New York City.

Steven Salerno

Books by Steven Salerno

Written by Rob Sanders and illustrated by Steven Salerno - Biography, Children's, Children's 5-8, Children's Nonfiction, Gay & Lesbian, History, Nonfiction

In this deeply moving and empowering true story, young readers will trace the life of the Gay Pride Flag, from its beginnings in 1978 with social activist Harvey Milk and designer Gilbert Baker to its spanning of the globe and its role in today's world. Award-winning author Rob Sanders's stirring text, and acclaimed illustrator Steven Salerno's evocative images, combine to tell this remarkable --- and undertold --- story.

Written by Betsy Harvey Kraft with illustrations by Steven Salerno - Biography, Children's 5-8, Children's Nonfiction, Picture

The World's Fair in Chicago, 1893, was to be a spectacular event: architects, musicians, artists, and inventors worked on special exhibits to display the glories of their countries. But the Fair's planners wanted something really special, something on the scale of the Eiffel Tower, which had been constructed for France's fair three years earlier. At last, engineer George Ferris had an idea  --- a crazy, unrealistic, gigantic idea. He would construct a twenty-six-story tall observation wheel. Today, George's Ferris Wheel is an icon of adventure and amusement throughout the world.