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Stacey Previn


Stacey Previn

Stacey Previn lives with her family in Oak Park, Illinois.

Stacey Previn

Books by Stacey Previn

by Stacey Previn - Children's 4-8

What if snowflakes tasted like oatmeal, honey, cocoa, gingerbread, or fruitcake? Filled with imaginative scenes of what it would be like if snowflakes tasted differently, such as: if they tasted like honey, we wouldn't need bees; if they tasted like plump figs, we would shake it off the trees; if they tasted like chestnuts, we would roast them by the fire; if they tasted like soup, we would slurp them for fun; and more! But since they taste like winter, we catch them on our tongues!

by Stacey Previn - Adventure, Children's, Children's 2-4

Aberdeen never meant to leave the yard in the first place. BUT a balloon floated by and...He is suddenly off on an unexpected adventure! Before long, Aberdeen follows his whims and fancy to unknown territory, a little too far away from home --- and from mama.