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Sharon Robinson


Sharon Robinson

Ms. Robinson is the author of many works of fiction and nonfiction. She has written several widely praised books about her father, baseball legend Jackie Robinson, including JACKIE'S NINE: Jackie Robinson's Values to Live by, PROMSIES TO KEEP: How Jackie Robinson Changed America, JACKIE ROBINSON: American Hero (children's biography), and picture books TESTING THE ICE, illustrated by Kadir Nelson and JACKIE'S GIFT: A True Story of Christmas, Hanukah, and Jackie Robinson, illustrated by EB Lewis. Sharon's other books include novels: SAFE AT HOME and SLAM DUNK! In January 2014, UNDER THE SAME SUN, illustrated by A. G. Ford, will be published by Scholastic.

Sharon Robinson

Books by Sharon Robinson

by Sharon Robinson - Children's 8-12, Friendship, Historical Fiction, Sports

Steven Satlow is an eight-year-old boy living in Brooklyn, New York, which means he only cares about one thing --- the Dodgers. But then Steve hears a rumor that an African American family is moving to his all-Jewish neighborhood. It's 1948 and some of his neighbors are against it. Then it happens --- Steve's new neighbor is Jackie Robinson! Steve is beyond excited about living two doors down from the Robinson family. He can't wait to meet Jackie. How many kids ever get to become friends with their hero?

written by Sharon Robinson, illustrated by A. G. Ford - Family, Youth Fiction
Auntie Sharon and Grandmother Bibi have come to visit the family in Tanzania--all the way from America! Soon it will be Bibi's 85th birthday, and her seven grandchildren are planning a big surprise!
After days together at home telling stories and filling gaps from the years spent apart, it's time to embark on their secret journey--a safari in Serengeti National Park. But too soon, it's their last day together. And in a bittersweet moment, at the ruins of an old slave port, Bibi's African-born grandchildren come to learn what happened to their ancestors who went by slave ship to America. 
by Sharon Robinson - Children's, Fiction, Sports

As the first black man to play major league baseball, his progress monumentally influenced the desegregation of baseball. Because of this, Robinson became an icon for not only the sport of baseball, but also for the civil -rights movement. Featuring photos throughout, this biography will be a sports tale and a history lesson.