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Scott Campbell


Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell’s paintings have appeared in numerous shows and publications around the world. He has created award-winning comics, such as Igloo Head and Tree Head, which appeared in the FLIGHT anthology, and is the illustrator of ZOMBIE IN LOVE and ZOMBIE IN LOVE 2 + 1 by Kelly DiPucchio; EAST DRAGON, WEST DRAGON by Robyn Eversole; and IF DOGS RUN FREE by Bob Dylan. Scott lives in New York City. Visit him at

Scott Campbell

Books by Scott Campbell

by Adam Rex and Scott Campbell - Animals , Children's 4-8, Humor

And so begins an epic, if initially unrequited, love affair between a graceful gazelle and a clumsy, hapless ox. Romance will never be the same.

Written by Kelly DiPucchio with illustrations by Scott Campbell. - Children's, Family, Fiction, Horror, Picture, Youth Fiction

Happily married zombie couple Mortimer and Mildred are thrilled to be new parents. But having a baby isn’t what they expected. Sonny hardly ever cries. His teeth are coming in instead of falling out. And worst of all, he’s awake all day and sleeps through the night. Mortimer and Mildred are dead tired, and very worried. Will their precious baby boy ever behave like a good little monster?