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Sarah Gibb


Sarah Gibb

Sarah is an English Illustrator based in Wandsworth, London. She studied at St. Martins before completing her MA in sequential Illustration at Brighton College of Art.
As a child Sarah fell in love with the delicate line and gentle humour in the work of Maurice Sendak, Arthur Rackham and Ronald Searle, and with the explosion of colour in the prints of Degas and Klimt hung on the walls of the family home. Her work also echoes the rich and dramatic sense of space and texture found the illustrations of Alice and Martin Provensen, another childhood favourite.

Sarah Gibb

Books by Sarah Gibb

written by Hilary McKay with illustrations by Sarah Gibb - Anthology, Children's, Children's 8-12, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Magic, Short Stories, Youth Fiction

Imagine Hansel and Gretel’s story from their teacher’s point of view, when Gretel submits her report of, “What I Did in the Holidays, and Why Hansel’s Jacket Is So Tight.” Find out what was really underneath all those mattresses the unlucky princess had to sleep on in “The Prince and the Problem.” Award-winning author Hilary McKay brings a modern sensibility and inventive quirkiness to this beautiful collection of 10 classic fairy tales, reimagining them with emotional depth and lighthearted humor.

Written by Liz Kessler with illustrations by Sarah Gibb - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction

A field trip to a mysterious island quickly turns into an adventure when Emily Windsnap and Aaron discover a secret lookout point from which they spot a ghostly ship that no one else seems to be able to see. Only Emily, with her ability to transform from mermaid to human, can enter Atlantis to try to bring the ship’s passengers back before the portal is closed forever. Emily knows that if she fails, not only will the passengers never see their loved ones again, but Emily won’t be able to return either. Will she be able to resist the allure of Atlantis and return home before it’s too late?