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Samuel Pollen


Samuel Pollen

Samuel Pollen grew up in Cheshire, United Kingdom, and now lives in London. His debut novel is an enthralling, touching and uplifting book, based on his own experience with anorexia.

When he's not writing books, Sam works as a copywriter. And when he's not writing at all, he runs, bakes and crochets. You can find out more at

Samuel Pollen

Books by Samuel Pollen

by Samuel Pollen - Children's 10-14, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Mental Health

Max doesn't like to eat, and the only one he can confess his true feelings to is Ana --- his eating disorder, anorexia. As Max's eating disorder intensifies, his family unit fractures. Max thought he could handle his anorexia, but as time goes on, he feels himself losing any semblance of control. Will anorexia continue to rule Max's life, or will he be able to find a way to live around his eating disorder?THE YEAR I DIDN'T EAT is an unforgettable novel that is haunting, moving and inspiring.