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Sam Gayton


Sam Gayton

Sam Gayton lives and writes in a basement, where the spiders are big and hungry. He works at a primary school in Kent. THE SNOW MERCHANT is his first book. Now it’s finished he’ll go and write another one. He can’t tell you anything except for the first line: I can’t outrun the horses.

Sam Gayton

Books by Sam Gayton

by Sam Gayton and Sydney Hanson - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic, Youth Fiction

Something bad has happened to Prince Alexander, the only heir to the mighty Petrossian Empire. Something worse than kidnapping. Something worse than murder. Somehow, the Prince has been miraculously transformed into a fluffy kitten --- and a large one, at that. Giant, in fact. Dinosaur-sized. And his father, the bloodthirsty czar, is not happy. Why has this terrible catastrophe happened? Who are the boy and girl brewing secret potions down in the palace kitchens? And how are they paws-sibly going to avoid getting their heads chopped off?

by Sam Gayton - Animals , Children's 10-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Humor, Magic
To protect her village from a giant, Greta recruits a champion: Hercufleas! He may be tiny, but this young flea is certain he’s destined for greatness. Being a hero is harder than it seems, though, and Hercufleas and Greta face unexpected choices --- and consequences --- in their desperate attempts to save the village and each other. 
written by Sam Gayton with illustrations by Poly Bernatene - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Family Life, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Lettie Peppercorn cannot go outside. Ma told her so right before Ma disappeared forever. So Lettie’s house is on stilts, and she is stuck with only the wind and a pigeon for a friend. One night a strange merchant appears. He claims to be an alchemist and he is here to sell Lettie his newest invention --- an invention called “snow.” But snow is not the only secret he holds. The alchemist knows where Lettie’s Ma is. And Lettie will do anything to get Ma back --- even if it means risking her own life.

written by Sam Gayton, illustrated by Alice Ratterree - Adventure, Children's, Fantasy

Have you heard of the tale that's short and tall? There's an island in the world where everything is small! She is a girl three inches tall with eyes like drops of dew. Her clothes are cut from handkerchiefs and stitched with spider silk. For half her life, she has been trapped in a birdcage while her giant kidnapper sits beside her, writing in a leather-bound book the size of a house. Her name is Lily, and tonight she is escaping. She is going home. To Lilliput.