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Roddy Doyle


Roddy Doyle

Roddy Doyle is the author of 11 novels, two collections of stories, two books of dialogues, and RORY & ITA, a memoir of his parents. He has written seven books for children and has contributed to a variety of publications, including The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, Metro Éireann and several anthologies. He won the Booker Prize in 1993 for PADDY CLARKE HA HA HA.

Roddy Doyle

Books by Roddy Doyle

written by Roddy Doyle with illustrations by Emily Hughes - Children's, Fantasy, Fiction

When Uncle Ben's Dublin business fails, it's clear to Gloria and Raymond that something is wrong. So when the children overhear their granny saying that the Black Dog has settled on Ben's back and he won't be OK until it's gone, they decide they're going to get rid of it. But they aren't the only kids on the mission. Together, the children manage to corner the Black Dog…but will they have the courage and cleverness to destroy the frightening creature?

written by Roddy Doyle, illustrated by Brian Ajhar