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Robert Neubecker


Robert Neubecker

Robert Neubecker draws for, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. He is the award winning author of WOW! CITY!, WOW SCHOOL and WHAT LITTLE BOYS ARE MADE OF. His many illustrated books include: EVERY CORNER NEEDS A MONSTER with Jeane Reidy, I GOT TWO DOGS with John Lithgow and SOPHIE PETERMAN TELLS THE TRUTH with Sarah Weeks. Upcoming books include LINUS THE VEGETARIAN T. REX and WINTER IS FOR SNOW. Robert is a lousy cook except for sphagetti and meatballs. All the neighborhood kids seem to like it. Robert lives in Park City, Utah with his family, dogs, cats, and lizards.

Robert Neubecker

Books by Robert Neubecker

by Robert Neubecker - Children's, Children's 3-6, Picture, Youth Fiction

Fall is time for turning leaves,
The weather's growing cool.
Fall is here! Come on with me!
It's time to go to school.

by Kay Haring and Robert Neubecker - Art, Art History, Biography, Children's Nonfiction
This one-of-a-kind book explores the life and art of Keith Haring from his childhood through his meteoric rise to fame. It sheds light on this important artist’s great humanity, his concern for children, and his disregard for the establishment art world. Reproductions of Keith's signature artwork appear in scenes boldly rendered by Robert Neubecker. This is a story to inspire and a book for Keith Haring fans of all ages to treasure.
Written by Audrey Vernick and illustrated by Robert Neubecker. - Children's, Children's 3-7, Fiction, Picture

A young boy wins a humongous new pet at the carnival, and before long, they become fast friends. But his parents are skeptical. After all, Nuncio doesn’t even fit in the house! Will the gargantuan goldfish have to go? Or will the family find a way to give him the home he deserves?

by Dan Richards and Robert Neubecker - Picture

Who knew there was a problem with not being scared of monsters? The hero of this story knows it --- all too well. Because he’s not scared, the monsters think he’s one of them. And now, they’re way too friendly. They want to share everything! Which is, of course, a disaster. Good thing there’s a terrified little brother to come to the rescue. With an understated text and hilarious illustrations, this picture book will have kids laughing away their fears.

by Robert Neubecker

In a rambunctious ode to everything winter, two siblings explore a snowy wonderland . . . and end up in the cozy warmth of family. Delve into Robert Neubecker's expressive and rejuvenating illustrations that celebrate snow and the coziness of friends and family at home. Only Robert Neubecker's magic touch could make kids love winter this much!

by Robert Neubecker - Picture

Ruth Ann Mackenzie knows everything about dinosaurs. So when she meets Linus, a towering, toothy T. rex who prefers picking vegetables to preying on his herbivorous neighbors, she’s not sure what to think. Is something wrong with Linus? Or does Ruth Ann maybe, just maybe, not know everything there is to know about dinosaurs?