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Rebecca Kai Dotlich


Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Rebecca Kai Dotlich is a poet and picture book author who has loved words as long as she can remember. She studied creative writing, art history and anthropology at Indiana University. She is the author of WHEN RIDDLES COME RUMBLING, LEMONADE SUN and ONE DAY, THEN END among other titles. Her books have won various honors, including the Golden Kite Honor Award, Bank Street Best Books of the Year, 10 Best Books for Babies and AAAS Suburu SB&F Prize honor.  Her work appears in dozens of anthologies, magazines and textbooks. She has been a contributing columnist and poetry advisor to Creative Classroom magazine, and has served on both IRA and NCTE poetry award committees.

Rebecca lives near Indianapolis, Indiana, and gives presentations and poetry workshops across the country.

Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Books by Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Written by Jane Yolen and Rebecca Kai Dotlich with illustrations by Angela Matteson - Children's 5-9, Humor, Poetry

Poets Jane Yolen and Rebecca Kai Dotlich take 14 Mother-Goose rhymes that have been enjoyed by generations of children and twist them in ways sure to delight modern kids. These poem pairs feature wildly different voices and perspectives, and Angela Matteson’s stunning illustrations add further hilarious details. So while Humpty Dumpty’s classmate explains why he’s sitting in time-out again, Matteson’s art shows Humpty Dumpty as a daredevil skateboarder teetering on a wall. The poems have strong rhythm and rhyme, making GRUMBLES FROM THE TOWN a terrific read-aloud.

Written by Rebecca Kai Dotlich will illustrations by Fred Koehler - Children's 4-6, Children's 5-8, Fiction, Picture

The genius of this picture book is that each illustration captures multiple, unexpected, and funny storylines as the narrator tells her shorter-than-ever stories. An original and incredibly deep combination of text and art invites readers to make up stories of their own.