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Rebecca Elliott


Rebecca Elliott

Rebecca Elliott has written and illustrated many children's picture books, including THE LAST TIGER, MILO'S PET EGG, CUB'S FIRST WINTER, and ZOO GIRL. When She's not writing and doodling, Rebecca teaches adult writing and illustration classes and runs workshops for children at literary events. She lives in Suffolk, England, with her husband and children.

Rebecca Elliott

Books by Rebecca Elliott

by Rebecca Elliott - Animals , Children's 4-7

Dugger! Dugger! Dugger! Whats that noise? It's the booming sound of big construction vehicles, and Little Dalmatian is determined to find out what they are building in this energetic picture book from Rebecca Elliott.

by Rebecca Elliott - Children's, Fiction, Picture, Youth Fiction

It’s a well-kept secret that all birds are naked, and every morning they put on their feathery clothes to go about their day. But Trevor refuses to wear his sparrow outfit, much to the horror of his family. In a quest to find his own unique look, he crashes into a pile of sticky mud and colorful flowers. He ends up looking the best he ever has, inspiring the birds around him to shed their own boring outfits!