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Patrick Carman


Patrick Carman

Patrick Carman is the New York Times bestselling author of such acclaimed series as the Land of Elyon and Atherton, and the teen superhero novel THIRTEEN DAYS TO MIDNIGHT. A multimedia pioneer, Patrick authored THE BLACK CIRCLE, the fifth title in the 39 Clues series, and the groundbreaking DARK EDEN, SKELETON CREEK, Trackers books. An enthusiastic reading advocate, Patrick has visited more than 1,000 schools, developed village library projects in Central America, and created author outreach programs for communities. He lives in Walla Walla, Washington, with his family.

Books by Patrick Carman

Written by Patrick Carman with illustrations by Brian Sheesley - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Graphic Novel, Humor
Help! Gone missing: 100,000 bottles of Fuzzwonker Fizz! Harold Fuzzwonker and his best good buddy, Floyd, find Fizzopolis in a state of emergency. No Fuzzwonker Fizz! Only one villainous and crummy candy family could have stolen it: the Snoods. Harold and Floyd go on their wildest mission yet and must rescue all the Fuzzwonker Fizz bottles to save Fizzopolis. Burps everywhere are counting on them!
Written by Patrick Carman and illustrated by Brian Sheesley - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Humor

What do you get when you mix burptastic Fuzzwonker Fizz with crummy Flooze candy in the Fizzomatic machine? Floozombies, of course! Harold Fuzzwonker, his best good buddy, Floyd, and the Fizzies have a real problem on their hands, in the shape of slimy, gloppy monsters. Not only must Harold protect Floyd and the secret recipe for Fuzzwonker Fizz from the sneaky Snood family, he also has to stop the Floozombies before they take over the town, all while guarding the biggest secret of all: Fizzopolis!

by Patrick Carman and Brian Sheesley - Adventure, Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Humor
Welcome to Fizzopolis! Home to the world’s greatest soda pop, Fuzzwonker Fizz, and the Fizzies! For Harold Fuzzwonker, it isn’t easy keeping his fizzy friend, Floyd, a secret. But when the secret family recipe for Fuzzwonker Fizz is on the line, Harold does what any good friend would do. He puts Floyd in his backpack! In this wild and wacky heavily illustrated POB series, Harold chronicles his epic adventures to protect the Fuzzwonker family trust from the evil Snood Candy factory, with a little artistic help from Floyd.
by Patrick Carman - Mystery, Science Fiction, Youth Fiction
Earth is in danger! The only things that can save our planet are six essential elements scattered throughout the galaxy. And it is up to the Voyagers --- a team of four kids and an alien --- to gather them all and return to Earth. It isn’t just the Voyagers out in space --- they’ve got company in the form of Team Omega. Omegas have their own reasons for wanting the elements --- and they’ll do anything to win. 
by Patrick Carman - Children's, Fantasy, Humor, Mystery, Science Fiction

Leo has explored the zany, wonderful Whippet Hotel from basement to top floor, with trains, flying goats, and mazes (among other things) in between. But even Leo doesn't know every secret of the Whippet - and when he discovers that there's more beneath the hotel than he'd thought, it doesn't take long for more adventures to unfold!

by Patrick Carman

Read, watch and listen to each chilling story in 15 minutes or less!

3:15 means several things. It's a time when things go bump in the night. A place where spooky stories find a home. A feeling…that chill running down your spine.

It means 10 terrifying tales that you'll experience in three parts: A frightful audio introduction. Several spooky pages of text. And a creepy video conclusion you can watch online. All in 15 minutes or less.

Step into the world of 3:15 and you'll meet Cody Miller, whose greed leads to a grave mistake; Emma Franklin, who learns that not all childhood fears are foolish; Dylan Smith, who should know better than to show off his snowboarding skills on a haunted mountain; and more.

Don't get too attached to any of them.

by Patrick Carman - Suspense

Araminta and her best friend Wanda are going on a school trip to Skeleton Island, a place rumored to be the site of a scary ghost shipwreck. And when the pair is stranded overnight, they discover that there might be more truth to the island's name than they would have preferred. Now some terrifying pirate skeletons are on the loose, and they want to take the girls down to Davy Jones's locker with them!

by Patrick Carman - Mystery, Suspense

Strange things always happen in Skeleton Creek, and when they do, Ryan writes them down, and Sarah captures them on video. But now the spookiness is spreading, and this time the mystery is going to take them far beyond the Creek itself…into places both unexpectedly sinister and spine-chillingly haunted.

by Patrick Carman - Suspense

Strange things are happening in Skeleton Creek --- and Ryan and Sarah are trying to find out why. Ryan writes down everything in his journal, and Sarah records everything on her videocam. The two move deeper into the mystery they've uncovered, determined to discover the secrets buried in Skeleton Creek, in the conclusion to Patrick Carman's thrilling series.

In this groundbreaking format, the story is broken into two parts --- Ryan's text in the book, and Sarah's videos on a special website, with links and passwords given throughout the book.

by Patrick Carman - Suspense

Strange things are happening in Skeleton Creek --- and Ryan and Sarah are trying to get to the heart of it. But after an eerie accident leaves Ryan housebound and forbidden to see Sarah, their investigation takes two tracks: Ryan records everything in his journal, while Sarah uses her videocam to search things out…and then email the clips for Ryan to see. In a new, groundbreaking format, Patrick Carman’s story is broken into two parts --- Ryan's text in the book, and Sarah's videos on a special website (, with links and passwords given throughout the book.