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Pamela S. Turner


Pamela S. Turner

From the author's webstie: 

"I write for kids and young adults, mostly about science and nature. I also have a strong interest in multicultural literature because I've lived in and worked in Kenya, South Africa, Japan, the Philippines and the Marshall Islands. 

Pursuing the stories I want to tell has sent me spider-catching in San Francisco, frog-hunting in Wyoming, tuna-tagging in North Carolina, seahorse-diving in the Philippines and beer-bottle-searching in Death Valley (hey, it was a science experiment). I've huddled at the feet of a silverback mountain gorilla and watched in awe as a fifteen-foot white shark investigated our twelve-foot dinghy." 

Pamela S. Turner

Books by Pamela S. Turner

Written by Pamela S. Turner with photographs by Andy Comins - Animals , Children's 10-12, Children's Nonfiction, Science

One of the biggest differences between humans and animals is the ability to understand the idea of “If I do X, Y might happen.” New Caledonian crows seem to possess the intelligence to understand this “causal” concept. Why do crows have this ability? What does the crow know and what does it tell us about brain size, the evolution of intelligence and just who is the smartest creature on the planet?

Written by Pamela S. Turner with photographs by Scott Tuason - Children's Nonfiction, Nature, Science

With their pony-shaped faces, fluttery swimming style and pregnant fathers, seahorses are one of the ocean's most unusual fish. Unfortunately, overfishing, pollution and climate change are threatening their survival.