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Neil Swaab


Neil Swaab

Neil Swaab is a freelance illustrator, art director, cartoonist, animator, writer and educator. His work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators, Print Magazine, and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Neil Swaab

Books by Neil Swaab

by Neil Swaab - Children's 10-14, Friendship, Humor

The competition is fierce, but luckily, you’ve got a killer campaign manager on your side. With Max’s help, you’ll conquer all the steps of running for office and winning votes, including advertisements, endorsements, campaign speeches and more. Along the way, you’ll learn more essential skills for thriving in middle school, including making a viral video, trading your lunch in the school cafeteria and putting a positive spin on any situation.

by Neil Swaab - Friendship, Humor, Youth Fiction

How do you survive in a place where there are tough kids twice your size, sadistic teachers and restrictions that make jail look like a five-star resort? Easy: with the help of Max Corrigan, middle school “expert” and life coach. Along the way, Max offers surefire advice and revealing tips on how to get through universal middle school experiences like gym class, detention, faking sick, dealing with jocks and bullies and acing exams (without getting caught cheating).

Written by James Patterson and Lisa Papademetriou, illustrated by Neil Swaab - Children's, Children's 10-14, Fiction, Youth Fiction

Georgia Khatchadorian plans to excel at Hills Village Middle School in all the places her troublemaking brother failed. She's even bet him that she'll quickly become one of the most popular girls in school. But Rafe left a big mark at HVMS, and no one will give Georgia a chance! Find out THE TRUTH about Rafe Khatchadorian's sister in the first Middle School story from the point of view of Georgia.