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Nancy Castaldo


Nancy Castaldo

Nancy Castaldo lives in New York state near the Adirondacks (Chatham, NY) and is the regional advisor for SCBWI-Eastern New York. She wanted to be a veterinarian while growing up and was a biology and chemistry major in college.  But then she realized she could combine her love for reading and writing with her science background, which is why she often writes about animals and science. She is also a photographer. She has a husband, daughter, and a huge English Goldendoodle named Gatsby.

Nancy Castaldo

Books by Nancy Castaldo

written by Nancy Castaldo with illustrations by Wesley Lowe - Children's, History, Nonfiction, Travel

When Nellie Bly read AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS by Jules Verne, she had an amazing idea. What if she traveled around the world in real life, and did it in less than eighty days? In 1889, people doubted it could be done --- especially by a woman. But with one small bag and a sturdy coat, Nellie set out anyway. Soon the whole world was rooting for her. Could she make it back home in time?

by Nancy Castaldo - Children's Nonfiction

Anyone who has ever spent time with a dog knows that dogs love sniffing! They sniff out hidden food, dirty socks, and the visitor who comes to the door.  But some dogs work with police officers, soldiers and even scientists to put their "sniffers" to work.  Sniffer dogs make use of the amazing biology behind their noses to protect people from bombs, catch criminals smuggling drugs, or help researchers locate a hard to find snail in a forest.