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Mordicai Gerstein


Mordicai Gerstein

Along with writing and illustrating books for children, Mordicai Gerstein is a painter, sculptor and prize-winning designer and director of animated films. 
Born in Los Angeles, Gerstein attended the Chouinard Institute of Art before moving to New York City where he lived and worked for 25 years making animated films for television. 
In 1971, Mordicai collaborated with author Elizabeth Levy to create the Something Queer is Going On series of mystery books for Delacorte Press. 
Gerstein began writing and illustrating his own books in 1980. 
His books are wide-ranging in subject, style and the age groups addressed, from contemporary fantasy and Biblical retellings, to biography and absurd alphabets, for preschoolers, high schoolers and even adults.
Mordicai Gerstein lives in western Massachusetts with his wife, Susan Yard Harris, who is also an illustrator, and their daughter, Risa. 

Mordicai Gerstein

Books by Mordicai Gerstein

by Mordicai Gerstein - Animals , Children's 5-8, Fiction, Picture
A girl, alone in the desert, lies on the sand and sleeps. But she is not alone for long. A lizard, a rabbit, a turtle and other animals scrutinize her when a lion leaps into the scene and claims her for his own. A silhouette approaches from the distance. He introduces himself as Henri Rousseau, the dreamer of this dream, who plans to paint a picture of it. The animals pose for the artist but criticize his work with comments like you've made my nose too big. So the artist removes complainers one by one from the picture until only the girl and the lion remain.
by Mordicai Gerstein - Children's 5-9, Fairy Tale, Historical Fiction, Mythology

Mischievous from the moment he emerges howling and screeching from his mother's womb, Pan, god of the wild, creates pandemonium wherever he goes. Noise and confusion follow him as he steals arrows from Artemis, conceives panic, tricks the moon into falling in love with him, and saves the world from the monster, Typhon. With panache and a wicked pair of horns, Pan spreads chaos and laughter on the way to becoming Mount Olympus's most lovable pest.

by Mordicai Gerstein - Picture
Everyone in the house is sleeping, but outside, the night world is wide-awake. It's a wonderful night to explore!
by Mordicai Gerstein - Education, Fiction, History, Juvenile Fiction
Imagine you were born before the invention of drawing, more than thirty thousand years ago. You would live with your whole family in a cave and see woolly mammoths walk by! You might see images of animals hidden in the shapes of clouds and rocks. You would want to share these pictures with your family. Who would have made the world's first drawing? Would it have been you?
written by Elizabeth Spires, illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein