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Miriam Spitzer Franklin


Miriam Spitzer Franklin

Miriam Spitzer Franklin is a former elementary and middle school teacher who currently teaches homeschooled students and is a writer in residence with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. EXTRAORDINARY, her debut middle grade novel, was inspired by a niece who suffered a brain injury after a high fever led to a stroke. Miriam lives with her husband, two daughters and two cats in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Miriam Spitzer Franklin

Books by Miriam Spitzer Franklin

by Miriam Spitzer Franklin - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Youth Fiction

Sunny Beringer hates her first name --- her real first name --- Sunflower. And she hates that her mom has suddenly left behind her dad, Scott and uprooted their family miles away from New Jersey to North Carolina just so she can pursue some fancy degree. So she creates “Sunny Beringer’s Totally Awesome Plan for Romance” --- a list of sure-fire ways to make her mom and Scott fall madly in love again, But while working on a photo album guaranteed to make Mom change her mind and rush them right back home, Sunny discovers a photo --- one that changes everything.

by Miriam Spitzer Franklin - Youth Fiction

Last spring, Pansy chickened out on going to spring break camp, even though she’d promised her best friend, Anna, she’d go. While at camp, Anna contracted meningitis and a dangerously high fever, and she hasn’t been the same since. Pansy’s chasing extraordinary, hoping she reaches it in time for her friend’s triumphant return. But what lies at the end of Pansy’s journey might not be exactly what she had expected --- or wanted.