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Melissa Walker


Melissa Walker

Melissa Walker is a writer who has worked as ELLEgirl Features Editor and Seventeen Prom Editor. All in the name of journalism, she has spent 24 hours with male models and attended an elite finishing school for girls in New Zealand, among other hardships. She has written for many publications including Redbook, Glamour, New York, Teen Vogue, Family Circle and more. Melissa lives in Brooklyn with her family and has a BA in English from Vassar College.

Melissa Walker

Books by Melissa Walker

by Melissa Walker - Children's, Children's 8-12, Family Life, Fiction, Friendship

Claire Ladd knows that this summer is going to be special. She and her two best friends, Ronan and Brianna, are turning 12. But with Brianna’s cousin Eden visiting, Claire feels like a third wheel. Even though she is only a year older, Eden seems so much more sophisticated, and she takes up everyone’s attention. But that doesn’t explain why things have felt awkward with Brianna ever since she moved to a fancy new house, or why Ronan, who lives in the trailer next to Claire’s, has started acting moody anytime anyone mentions his dad. Claire can’t help but wonder: Would everything be better if she could just be someone else?

by Melissa Walker - Family Life, Fiction, Friendship

If it were up to Mattie Markham, there would be a law that said your family wasn’t allowed to move in the middle of the school year. But when Mattie meets her next-door neighbor and classmate, she begins to think maybe she was silly to fear being the “new girl.”  If winter break is anything to go by, the rest of the school year should be a breeze.