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Mark Parisi


Mark Parisi

After many odd jobs and a graphic design degree from Salem State College, Mark felt he had two marketable skills: cartooning and grocery bagging. He decided to choose cartooning, even though it didn't pay as well. With influences ranging from Charles Schulz, MAD Magazine and, more obviously, Gary Larson, he started self-syndicating his off the mark comic panel in 1987. And, strangely enough, his wife encouraged him.
off the mark joined United Media in 2002 and then moved to Universal Uclick in 2011. off the mark won the National Cartoonists Society award for Best Newspaper Comic Panel in 2008 and again 2011, and has been nominated four times total. His work has also been nominated for Best Humor Book by The Independent Book Publishers Association.
Mark's cartoons can also be found on greeting cards, T-shirts, mugs and more, calendars, magazines, newsletters, books, and some other weird stuff. Clients have included: Del Monte, the US Military (anti-binge drinking campaign), Billboard Magazine, Glamour Magazine, The National Enquirer, Recycled Paper Greetings, Dixie Chicks and Chicken Soup for the Soul.
His wife, Lynn, works as his business partner and their daughter contributes with inspiration
(check out 57 examples of her art here) do three cats and one dog.

Mark Parisi

Books by Mark Parisi

by Mark Parisi - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Humor

When Marty finds a ripped page from his sister's diary, the most crucial piece --- revealing Marty's true identity --- is still locked inside his sister’s room. Undaunted, Marty pieces the clues together and comes to the most logical conclusion: he's on a one-way trip to werewolfville! Superhuman speed. Howling. Hairiness. The evidence is mounting against him, and with his werewolf powers growing stronger, Marty is determined to protect his classmates from himself before it's too late --- no matter what the cost!

by Mark Parisi - Children's 8-12, Family, Family Life, Fiction, Graphic Novel
Marty Pants is different from your typical middle schooler. He has the soul of an artist, and as an artist, he notices things --- the kinds of things other kids don’t seem to see. So when Marty discovers a plot on his teacher’s computer to take over the world, Marty knows this is a danger he can’t just ignore. But no one, not his best friends Parker and Roongrat or his mother, father, sister, arch-enemy, Simon, or Chief of Police Pickels, believes him. So, it’s up to Marty to save the world --- his way.