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Mark Maciejewski


Mark Maciejewski

Like Chub, Mark Maciejewski was one of the “usual suspects” throughout his grade school years. Mark’s hair, however, didn’t fall out until much later in life. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, gardening, watching movies and napping. His love of comics and graphic novels is a major influence on his work. He lives in Seattle with his wife, four kids, two dogs, two frogs, six glow-in-the-dark fish and a borrowed cat. I AM FARTACUS is his first novel. You can find Mark online at or on Twitter at @Magicjetski.

Mark Maciejewski

Books by Mark Maciejewski

by Mark Maciejewski - Children's, Children's 9-13, Family, Fiction, Friendship, Mystery

It’s a new year, and a chance for Chub to make a fresh start at Alanmoore Middle School. After all, he now has a “cadre” of misfits behind him, and his feud with Archer Norris seems to have cooled off. But the new principal, “Mizzz Lockhart,” is just waiting to make an example out of Chub. When Lockhart’s precious sculpture --- a hideous rendering of the school mascot, “The Boogerloo” --- disappears, both Chub and Archer are blamed. Worse still, they’re faced with expulsion. It’s up to Chub, Archer, Shelby, Moby and Megumi to find the Boogerloo before Chub gets kicked out of school for good.

by Mark Maciejewski - Children's 9-13, Fiction, Friendship, Humor
Chub is a short, accidentally bald, middle school outcast with no chance of ever becoming one of the popular kids. With help from his personal band of like-minded misfits (not to mention tactics gleaned from the Colonel, a US military vet with toenail issues), Chub’s determined to bring down his nemesis, class hero and now potential class president, Archer, or the Arch --- the very guy who betrayed Chub with the lice-killing potion that left him bald as a billiard ball. If the Arch gets to be president, Chub knows his life is officially over.