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Marion Dane Bauer


Marion Dane Bauer

Marion Dane Bauer was born in 1938 in the small prairie town of Oglesby, Illinois, and had a childhood she would later describe as “idyllic.” The first work she distinctly remembers writing was a poem in honor of her teddy bear, but she wrote many stories, too, both in her head and on paper. Her interest led her to a career as an English teacher, but Bauer didn't begin writing professionally until after her own daughter was in elementary school. Since then, as fans know and appreciate, she hasn't stopped!

Bauer is a remarkably prolific author who has received critical acclaim for her ability to step inside the viewpoint of a child ---  any child or young adult, in a wide variety of circumstances. She has written fiction and nonfiction, picture books, chapter books, young adult novels, writing guides and much more; she has also edited stories and articles for periodicals aimed at young people as well as teachers and librarians. Her best-selling novel ON MY HONOR was named a Newbery Honor Book, one of countless awards and citations Bauer has received for her work over the years.

The mother of two, Marion Dane Bauer now lives in a small town not far from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She loves cats and dogs, Asian and Middle Eastern foods, and being outdoors: walking, biking and camping.

Marion Dane Bauer

Books by Marion Dane Bauer

Written by Marion Dane Bauer with illustrations by John Shelley - Fiction, Outdoor

Newbery Medalist Marion Dane Bauer's rhythmic text combines with John Shelley's illustrations that celebrate the season in a burst of color, as the woods transform from a moonlit winter wonderland to a wonderfully bright floral scene.

written by Marion Dane Bauer with illustrations by Jennifer A. Bell - Animals , Children's 8-12, Friendship

When an indoor calico cat named Patches spots a golden autumn leaf fluttering past her window, she can’t help but venture outside to chase it. But soon, Patches feels something tugging at her, telling her to find a special place --- one she won’t know until she sees it. Why must she go on this search? She doesn’t know yet. Along the way, Patches finds herself in dire circumstances, but with the help of the other neighborhood animals, she faces off against the scariest dog in town and continues on her journey to her special place.

by Marion Dane Bauer - Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, Pets

Mark is a boy who needs a dog, Buddy is a dog who needs a boy, and Mr. LaRue is a neighbor who needs a community. Over the course of a summer thunderstorm and one chaotic town council meeting, these three characters cross paths and come together in a timeless tale told in verse.