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Marilyn Singer


Marilyn Singer

Marilyn Singer has written over 50 books for young readers, including poetry, fairy tales, mysteries and young adult novels. Marilyn and her husband, Steve Aronson, live in Brooklyn, New York, where the weather in March is sometimes stormy and cold and sometimes warm and sunny.

Marilyn Singer

Books by Marilyn Singer

Written by Marilyn Singer with illustrations by Greg Pizzoli - Children's, Children's 3-5

What can you do with a banana? You can grip it, unzip it, squeeze it, freeze it ---  you can even play it like a flute! With a little imagination and a sense of humor, you can transform it into anything! Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with these charming picture books that encourage readers to look at the world in a new --- more magical --- way.

Written by Marilyn Singer with illustrations by Greg Pizzoli - Children's, Children's 3-5, Poetry

What can you do with an apple? You can pick it, kick it, wash it, squash it --- but don’t forget to eat it. This charming new series will show readers how to find magic and joy in the beauty of everyday life.

written byMarilyn Singer with illustrations by Charlotte Voake - Children's 6-9, Culture, Fairy Tale, Poetry, Youth Fiction

What happens when you hold up a mirror to poems about Greek myths? You get a brand-new perspective on the classics! And that is just what happens in ECHO ECHO, the newest collection of reverso poems from Marilyn Singer. Read one way, each poem tells the story of a familiar myth; but when read in reverse, the poems reveal a new point of view!

by Marilyn Singer and John Hendrix - Children's Nonfiction, Poetry, Poetry Collection

With her gift for rhythm and rhyme, Marilyn Singer brings the presidents of the United States to life --- from Washington to Obama --- and contextualizes them in their time. Illustrations by John Hendrix are full of wit and refined exuberance, and backmatter enriches the experience with short biographies, quotes by each president, and more.

written by Marilyn Singer with illustrations by Alexandra Boiger - Children's
It’s Christmastime, and Tallulah finally gets what she’s been wishing for—a part in a real ballet, a professional production of The Nutcracker. She’s only a mouse, but she works as hard as if she had been cast as the Sugar Plum Fairy. On the night of the show, everything is perfect. But then disaster strikes! Does Tallulah have what it takes to become a real ballerina?
by Marilyn Singer - Children's

This is The Boy Who Cried Wolf like you’ve never seen it before: with tentacles, wigs, and a secret code language that kids can decipher. Larry the Liar must help these friendly extra-terrestrials refuel their ship so they can get back home.

written by Marilyn Singer, illustrated by Anne Wertheim