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Marianne Levy


Marianne Levy

Before Marianne started writing, she was an actress. Not the famous sort, though. After graduating from Cambridge University she was in various TV shows, did some comedy on Radio 4 and made a brief appearance in the film Ali G In Da House, where she managed to forget both her lines.

She then worked as a continuity announcer for Living TV, introducing and getting obsessed with America’s Next Top Model. She’s been the voice of a leading brand of makeup, a shopping centre and a yoghurt. 

Marianne is the author of the Ellie May young fiction series for Egmont, and a regular contributor to The Independent on Sunday. She lives in London with her husband, daughter and a bad-tempered cat.

Marianne Levy

Books by Marianne Levy

by Marianne Levy - Children's 10+, Fiction, Friendship, Humor, Music
Katie Cox (overnight singing sensation and owner of the World's Worst Bangs) never meant to become a pop star. And she didn't mean to start a war with Karamel (aka the World's Cheesiest Boy Band). Now her first concert is just days away. Cool? Maybe. Terrifying? Definitely. And with her school friends more interested in her fame than her feelings, and an army of Karamel fans ready to take her down, this battle goes way beyond the charts.
by Marianne Levy - Children's, Children's 10-14, Fiction

Everybody's watching Katie Cox...Katie Cox is used to going unnoticed --- by her mom, her dad, even her best friend. But when a video of her singing in her bedroom goes viral, she becomes a superstar overnight. As the views skyrocket and a recording contract beckons, the real world starts to feel very far away. It isn't long before Katie starts riding high on her newfound fame. But the higher she flies, the farther there is to fall...