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Margaret McNamara


Margaret McNamara

Margaret McNamara

Books by Margaret McNamara

Written by Margaret McNamara with illustrations by G. Brian Karas. - Children's, Fiction, Picture, Poetry, Youth Fiction

Once again, Margaret McNamara sets her playful, child-friendly story in the classroom, and this time, poetry --- from metaphors to acrostics to haiku --- is the name of the game. The focus here is on Elinor, whose confidence falters as she tries to write something "perfect" for Poem in Your Pocket Day and impress a visiting poet.

Written by Margaret McNamara illustrated by Julia Denos - Children's, Fantasy, Fiction

All the fairies on Sheepskerry Island look up to Clara Bell. Clara can do anything, which is why the younger Bell sisters—Rosy, Goldie, Sylva, and Squeak—are so proud of her. But when Clara starts to grow into her magical powers, things get a little bumpy. Clara tries to do magic that's too hard for her—way too hard for her. Will she have to pay a terrible price?