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Marcus Sutter


Marcus Sutter

Marcus Sutter is a former military brat who collects model planes and ships from the WWII era. He lives on a ranch in the Midwest with his family and their three-legged mutt, Mike.

Marcus Sutter

Books by Marcus Sutter

written by Marcus Sutter with illustrations by Andie Tong - Adventure, Animals , Children's 8-12, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Military

It’s 1944, and the Second Battle of Guam is in full gear. 12-year-old Bo just escaped from a work camp. Stryker is an official U.S. Marine Doberman on an urgent mission. When Bo and Stryker meet in the jungle, they team up to help the American forces. But between painful injuries, raging rivers, wild animals and a surprise attack on a hospital, their job isn’t easy. With a Japanese soldier hot on their trail, can they deliver their top-secret message in time?

by Marcus Sutter and Andie Tong - Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fantasy
Joe can’t believe his luck when Skipper, the street dog all the Navy guys love, follows him home. But with a new baby sister in the house, he knows his family can’t afford the extra mouth to feed. So he and his friends hatch a perfect plan: present Skipper to Joe’s dad, who works on the USS West Virginia, as a mascot dog for the ship. But when Joe’s surprise gift is interrupted by a Japanese attack on the harbor, it may be up to Skipper to make sure they all make it out alive.
by Marcus Sutter and Pat Kinsella - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Military

When Matt’s older brother enlisted in the army, he left Matt his German Shepherd, Chief, a retired fire dog and the best pet EVER. So Matt isn’t happy when Chief starts paying attention to his foster sister Rachel instead of him. But when Nazi planes begin bombing the city, Matt finds himself in an impossible situation. Can he be a hero to his sister when it matters most? And when they get caught outside during the air raid, will Chief be there to save the day?