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Lois Ehlert


Lois Ehlert

Lois Ehlert has created many picture books. She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Lois Ehlert

Books by Lois Ehlert

by Lois Ehlert - Children's, Humor, Science

Some might think that Mole is a garden pest, but the truth is, he is a pest-preventer! Mole keeps worms and caterpillars and other crawly bugs from munching up all the growing veggie plants. And so at harvest time, there is a bounty of yummy goodies for the gardeners to enjoy --- and Mole is chubby from all the eating he has done and ready to get cozy in his burrow for winter.

by Lois Ehlert - Children's
Lois Ehlert always knew she was an artist. Her parents encouraged her by teaching her how to sew and saw wood and pound nails, and by giving her colorful art supplies. Today, many years and many books later, Lois takes aspiring artists on a delightful behind-the-scenes retrospective tour that is a moving testament to the value of following your dreams and exploring your own creativity.