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Lisa Fiedler


Lisa Fiedler

Lisa Fiedler is the author of many novels for children and young adults. She divides her time between Connecticut and the Rhode Island seashore, where she lives happily with her very patient husband, her brilliant and beloved daughter, and their two incredibly spoiled golden retrievers.

Lisa Fiedler

Books by Lisa Fiedler

Written by Lisa Fiedler, Created by Gabriel Gale and Illustrated by Sebastian Giacobino - Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction
With the fate of all of Oz hanging in the balance, Glinda struggles to locate a mysterious teacher called Mythra, who is the only one who can guide her in reaching her mystic potential and becoming the powerful Sorceress she is destined to be. While Glinda searches far and wide for her mentor, the fiery-spirited Locasta finds herself undertaking an equally important search --- for the Elemental Fairy of Lurl, and the means by which to destroy the second Witch, Marada, Wicked Warrior of the North. 
by Lisa Fiedler and Sebastian Giacobino - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic, Retelling, Youth Fiction

Glinda’s peaceful life in Oz is shattered when her mother is imprisoned for practicing forbidden Magic. As she is ripped from her home by a fearsome bounty hunter sent by the Witch of the South, Glinda uncovers a startling truth: Oz is a world governed by the wickedest of the wicked, overrun with tyranny, corruption and dark power. And Glinda’s mother? She is actually a member of a secret society whose mission is to overthrow the four Wicked Witches and set the stage for the return of the rightful ruler of Oz. With the help of a feisty, purple-haired girl named Locasta, Glinda sets across the unforgiving landscape to rescue her mother…and save the future of Oz from the Wickeds before it’s too late.

Written by Lisa Fiedler and illustrated by Vivienne To - Adventure, Animals , Children's 8-12, Magic

Hopper is determined to reach out to his brother-gone-bad, to see if he can talk some sense into the young rodent. But then Hope, the youngest of Zucker and Firren’s new litter, goes missing, and all signs point to Pup as culprit. Meanwhile, Firren is rattled not only by the disappearance of her daughter, but a shameful secret from her past that she’s kept hidden for years.

Written by Lisa Fiedler with illustrations by Vivienne To - Fiction

The battle to free Titus's camps is over, and Hopper, Zucker, Firren, and their loyal followers are working to rebuild. But the tunnels are in a state of chaos, and without the sinister peace accord to protect the rodents, Queen Felina and her growing army of ferals is a greater threat than ever before. When exterminators raid the tunnels, Hopper is snatched away by the intruders and taken back up to the daylight world where he was born. Upland, Hopper makes new allies, and as he enjoys the sights and sounds of Brooklyn, he wonders if he will ever make it back into the tunnels to restore safety and prosperity, as foretold by La Rocha's prophecy.

by Lisa Fiedler - Adventure, Children's, Fiction, Youth Fiction

Hopper is just a pet shop mouse before he escapes and finds himself below the streets of Brooklyn in Atlantia, a utopian rat civilization. Hopper is treated as a royal guest, but he misses his siblings. That, and Atlantia is constantly threatened by rebels and flooded with cats, cats that leave the citizens unharmed…though no one can answer why. Soon, Hopper is caught in the crosshairs of a colossal battle crossing generations and species. As the clashes rage, Hopper learns deadly secrets about Atlantia, painful secrets about his friends, and one powerful secret about his destiny…