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Leila Howland


Leila Howland

A graduate of Georgetown University, Leila Howland spent five years acting in New York in everything from an MTV public service announcement for safe sex to a John Guare play at Lincoln Center and was a proud company member of the award-winning Flea Theater in Tribeca. Currently, she teaches high school English and English as a second language in downtown Los Angeles and occasionally moonlights as an extra on the Young and the Restless.

Leila Howland

Books by Leila Howland

by Leila Howland - Family Life, Fiction, Friendship
This summer, the town of Pruet is turning 300, and a huge celebration is planned. On their first night back east, the girls make a promise not to fight with each other, ensuring that this will be the best summer yet. It shouldn’t be too hard. Each sister, after all, has her own focus during the visit. 
by Leila Howland - Children's 8-12, Family, Friendship

Wedding bells are ringing on the Cape! It’s summer again, and Marigold, Zinnia and Lily are heading back to their beloved Pruet to help bride-to-be Aunt Sunny plan her big day. But cake and decorations aren’t the only items on the girls’ agenda this summer.

by Leila Howland - Family Life, Fiction

Though Marigold, Zinnia and Lily Silver couldn’t be more different, they’re all excited about summer vacation. But all of their plans come crashing down when the sisters’ parents send them to Cape Cod to visit their Aunt Sunny. Small-town life is not what these LA girls had in mind. They must adjust, however, to things like sharing a room and living without a TV.