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Lauren Castillo


Lauren Castillo

Lauren Castillo is the illustrator of several wonderful picture books including WHAT HAPPENS ON WEDNESDAYS by Emily Jenkins and THAT'S PAPA'S WAY by Kate Banks. Her books have received starred reviews from School Library Journal, Publisher's Weekly, Kirkus and Booklist. She lives in Brooklyn, NY. 

Lauren Castillo

Books by Lauren Castillo

Written by Lisa Graff with illustrations by Lauren Castillo - Children's, Children's 4-7, Fiction

As the day comes to an end, bedtime draws near. But the little boy in this book is quite sure it is NOT time for sleeping. As each piece of his evening routine is completed --- helping with the dishes, playing with the dog, getting into pajamas, brushing teeth with Dad, being tucked in by Mom, and listening to a story --- he becomes a little more certain: it is definitely not time for sleeping. The question is, when WILL it be time for sleeping? A rhythmic, cumulative text and lush twilit scenes come together to create a perfect bedtime book that will be treasured for generations to come. 

Written by Eve Bunting with illustrations by Lauren Castillo - Family, Fiction

Callie’s family is having a yard sale in front of their house. They can’t stay in this house, so they’re moving to an apartment in the city. But it’s kind of hard to watch people buy your stuff, even if you understand why it has to happen. With sensitivity and grace, Eve Bunting and Lauren Castillo portray an event at once familiar and difficult, making clear that a home isn’t about what you have, but whom you hold close

by Lauren Castillo - Family, Picture

In this magical picture book, a young boy spends an overnight visit with his nana and is frightened to find that the city where she lives is filled with noise and crowds and scary things. But then Nana makes him a special cape to help him be brave, and soon the everyday sights, sounds, and smells of the city are not scary—but wonderful. The succinct text is paired with watercolor illustrations that capture all the vitality, energy, and beauty of the city.

Written by Kate Banks, Illustrated by Lauren Castillo - Fiction

A plucky stray cat takes a Grand Tour in this story of a family on a European vacation. As the family travels from one city to the next, the cat finds its own means--by bus, boat, train, truck, and bike--to tag along on the trip, visiting historic landmarks like Buckingham Palace and the Cathedral of Notre Dame along the way.