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Laura Golden


Laura Golden

Laura Golden was born in Birmingham, Alabama. She never dreamed she'd one day become an author, but there is no doubt that she has always been a reader. According to her mother, she taught herself to read at an early age by poring over the words on cereal boxes at breakfast. 

Her fondest memories of childhood reading include listening to Disney Read-Along cassette tapes for hours at a time and discovering Judy Blume's TALES OF A FOURTH GRADE NOTHING and Marguerite Henry's KING OF THE WIND in the school library. Later on she would discover the classic Southern novels TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and FRIED GREEN TOMATOES AT THE WHISTLE STOP CAFE by fellow Alabama authors Harper Lee and Fannie Flagg. 

She remains an Alabama-girl, living in the country a half-hour outside of Birmingham. Her first book, a historical middle grade novel titled EVERY DAY AFTER, will release from Delacorte Press/RHCB on June 11, 2013. She has her fingers crossed that this first novel will not be her last. 

Laura Golden

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by Laura Golden - Youth Fiction

It's been two months since Lizzie's daddy disappeared due to the awful Depression. Lizzie's praying he'll return to Bittersweet, Alabama, for her birthday. It won't feel special without him, what with Lizzie's Mama being so sad she won't even talk and the bank nipping at their heels for a mortgage payment. While Lizzie waits, she gets comfort writing in her journal.