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Kim Krans


Kim Krans

Kim Krans is an artist, a musician and the creator of The Wild Unknown, a website featuring beautifully crafted handmade objects. She lives with her husband in Portland, Oregon. 

Kim Krans

Books by Kim Krans

by Kim Krans - Children's 3-7, Picture

In this companion to ABC DREAM, Kim Krans elevates the simple activity of counting with pen-and-ink drawings of unusual animals and scenes of natural beauty. Delicate watercolor accents, an infusion of all-embracing spirituality, and an engrossing search-and-find element make this enchanting book a collectible for all ages.

by Kim Krans - Children's, Children's 3-7, Picture

This stunning and innovative alphabet picture book will dazzle little ones and engage the adults who share it with them! Each page is dedicated to a letter, and clever alliterations are packed into each ink-and-watercolor spread. This gem comes to us from Kim Krans, the creator of The Wild Unknown --- a lifestyle website offering prints, calendars and more.