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Kevin Waldron


Kevin Waldron

Kevin Waldron was born in Dublin and, after graduating with a degree in Graphic Design, he moved to London where he studied for an MA in Illustration at Kingston University. He decided to specialise in children's book illustration and found a studio in central London where he produced his first book for Templar, Mr Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo, published in 2008. Kevin has now emigrated to America and lives in New York.

Kevin Waldron

Books by Kevin Waldron

by Kevin Waldron - Adventure, Animals , Children's 3-6

Like most dogs, Harold is food-obsessed; unlike most dogs, he imagines food in the most unlikely places --- on buildings, cars, mailboxes, even fire hydrants! When Harold gets lost in the big city, he is overtaken by hunger and begins to see things: hot dogs on an antenna, a turkey roast in the mailbox, and toast popping out the top of a building! Thankfully, Harold's hungry eyes lead him to familiar landmarks and he finds his way home... to breakfast!

by Kevin Waldron - Children's, Picture

Following in the muddy footsteps of Mr Peek's first adventure, which won the Bologna Ragazzi Opera Prima award 2009, comes complete Pandamonium at Peek Zoo! The zoo is holding an animal parade, but when the day arrives, nothing is ready. As Mr Peek races around preparing, he makes hilarious mistakes that leave a trail of chaos - including a baby panda on the loose heading for the lion's den! Thank goodness his son Jimmy's there to save the day and ensure the crowd sees the most fabulous animal parade ever - shown to great effect on a gatefold spread.