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Kevin Emerson


Kevin Emerson

Kevin Emerson has never been abducted by aliens, at least not that he remembers. He has been to Roswell, but all he found there was a cool key chain. Kevin is the author of a number of books for young readers, including the Oliver Nocturne series, CARLOS IS GONNA GET IT and THE LOST CODE, the first book in the Atlanteans series. Kevin is also a musician. His current project is the brainiac kids' pop band the Board of Education. A former elementary school science teacher, Kevin continues to work with kids and teens at 826 Seattle and Richard Hugo House and with the Writers in the Schools program of Seattle Arts & Lectures. He lives in Seattle with his wife and two children.

Kevin Emerson

Books by Kevin Emerson

by Kevin Emerson - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship, Futuristic, Science Fiction
Mina and many of the surviving humans are stranded in the Centauri system, having barely survived their confrontation with the Telphon refugees. Now everyone is caught in the blast zone of the Centauri supernova. Liam and Phoebe awake on a ship in the middle of a dead universe. The ship bears the markings of a human starliner that disappeared decades ago --- but even more disturbing than that is the massive alien machine floating in the starless space before them. A machine long abandoned but now showing signs of life. A machine that has begun speaking to Liam in a voice only he can hear...
by Kevin Emerson - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Science Fiction

Liam and Phoebe, having barely escaped our exploding sun with their lives, are in stasis for the decade-long journey to the rogue planet Delphi, where they hope to meet up with the rest of the human refugees, find help for their injured parents and pass along the devastating things they discovered on Mars. Phoebe is carrying her own dark secret.  One that will decide the fate of the human race, and many more besides. One that, very soon, she must reveal to Liam, whether he’s ready for the truth or not.

by Kevin Emerson - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship, Science Fiction
It is Earth year 2213 --- but, of course, there is no Earth anymore. Not since it was burned to a cinder by the sun, which has mysteriously begun the process of going supernova far sooner than anyone expected. The human race has fled to Mars, but this was only a temporary solution while we have prepared for a second trip: a 150-year journey to a distant star, our best guess at where we might find a new home. 
by Kevin Emerson - Fantasy, Fiction

Haley and Dodger don't have much in common. Of course, this was all before they heard about the missing people, the untraceable radio signals, the unexplained phenomena. Before they both became the first recipients of a summer research grant from a certain mysterious foundation. Before they discovered that their fledgling theories about extraterrestrial life were all too accurate.