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Kate Klimo


Kate Klimo

Kate Klimo is a published author and an editor of children's books. Some of the published credits of Kate Klimo include the Dragon Keepers series, TASHA TUDOR'S BEDTIME BOOK, and MOTHER GOOSE HOUSE. 

Kate Klimo

Books by Kate Klimo

by Kate Klimo and Tim Jessell

English springer spaniel Dash and his furry friend Mercy--a mastiff--travel with their master, John Goodman, in search of the New World. Taken from the pages of history, this Dog Diary follows the story of the colonists whom we now call Pilgrims, from their sixty-six-day voyage at sea to the celebration of their first harvest with the Wampanoag Indians who become their friends and advisors. With realistic black-and-white illustrations by Tim Jessell and an appendix including information about the Mayflower, Plymouth Colony, springer spaniels, and the primary sources on which the book is based, this is historical fiction that dog-loving middle graders--and educators--can be truly thankful for!

Written by Kate Klimo with illustrations by John Shroades - Youth Fiction

In THE DRAGON AT THE NORTH POLE, dragon keepers Jesse and Daisy wake on Christmas morning to a winter wonderland—it snowed overnight! Knowing that their dragon, Emmy, has never seen snow before, they hurry to the barn only to discover that she's disappeared. She's left a note behind: "Gone with Santa." Santa?! Can it be true? With the help of two pairs of magic snowshoes, Jesse and Daisy visit the North Pole to find out!