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Judy Schachner


Judy Schachner

Judy Schachner

Books by Judy Schachner

by Judy Schachner - Children's 4-6, Friendship

Dewey Bob Crockett is a durn cute raccoon who lives by himself in a house filled to the brim with the wonderful objects he collects. Buttons, wheels, furniture and bricabrac adorn his cozy quarters and keep him busy as he finds and fixes, turning trash into treasures. But there’s something missing from Dewey’s collections --- a friend! He tries gathering up some critters and bringing them home in his shopping cart, but that doesn’t work out so well. In the end, a friend does come Dewey’s way, and, with a little DIY help from this clever raccoon, returns again and again.

by Judy Schachner - Adventure, Children's 3-6, Picture

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the bravest Chihuahua of them all? Skippyjon Jones, the Siamese cat who thinks he's a dog! While his sisters listen to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Skippy bounces on his big-boy bed and heads off for the REAL adventure awaiting him in his closet. 

by Judy Schachner - Children's 3-6, Holiday, Picture
It's Christmas eve on the farm where Otis and all of his friends live, and the horse is about to give birth to a new foal! But when the horse begins neighing in pain and they need to get the doctor in the middle of a snowstorm, only Otis can help make a Christmas miracle come true.
by Judy Schachner - Children's 3-6, Picture

Otis and his farm friends love to play hide-and-seek. Otis especially loves to be "It," finding his friends as they hide. Yet when the newest addition to the farm --- a bounding puppy who can't sit still and has a habit of licking faces --- tries to hide, he finds his attention wandering and is soon lost in the forest. 

by Judy Schachner - Adventure, Children's 3-6, Picture
In his newest adventure, the irresistible Skippyjon Jones swings out of his closet and into the spectacular Cirque de Ole, where his pals, the Chimichango gang, perform feats of derring-do. There are many acts to see, but only Skippito the Strong can perform the trickiest stunt of all. Judy Schachner's vivacious art and riotous text make for mucho read-aloud fun. 
by Judy Schachner - Adventure, Children's 3-6, Picture

Skippyjon Jones really wants to go to school. School is for dogs, his mama tells him. It's where they go to get trained. But nothing can stop Skippy-once inside his closet, he finds himself on the playground of his imagination, surrounded by dogs of all kinds. He bays with the beagles, learns French with the poodles, and checks out a Chihuahua book from the library. And when a bully starts sending shiver-itos down the spines of the little yippers, Skippy saves the day and earns the biggest gold star.

by Judy Schachner

Buckle up, amigos --- everyone’s favorite kitty boy is about to lift off. You’ll want to be there when the brave Skippito gets lost in spice!

by Judy Schachner - Adventure, Children's 3-6, Picture

El Skippito is back! His doggy pals want to visit the Under Mundo --- the underworld --- where mummitos rest in peas. But they need El Skippito’s brains and courage to answer the riddle of the Finx and enter the mummy’s tomb. Our hero is up to the task, and he’s in for another whirlwind adventure.

by Judy Schachner - Adventure, Children's 3-6, Picture

SKIPPYJON JONES AND THE BIG BONES is accompanied by a compact disc that features an animated reading of the story by the author. 

by Judy Schachner - Adventure, Children's 3-6, Picture

For another loco adventure. In his room for a time-out, Skippyjon Jones lets his imagination take him to a shack where his Chihuahua friends are yipping and yapping and hiding out from the bad Bobble-ito, who has taken over their doghouse. How El Skippito chills the Chihuahuas and banishes the Bobble-ito will make more amigos for this endearing and irresistible rascal, who made his first appearance in the favorite SKIPPYJON JONES.

by Judy Schachner - Picture


He's fearless, he's fun, he's a hero to all!

by Judy Schachner - Children's, Fiction, Pets
New York Times bestseller and fan favorite Judy Schachner presents a warmly affectionate portrait of a family’s devotion to their beloved cat. Tink has everything he ever wanted --- delicious treats, hugs and kisses, and even a kitten to raise. The only thing missing is wild outdoor adventure. So when the opportunity arises, Tink sneaks out --- and becomes an outdoor cat for one unforgettable night.