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Joy Ang


Joy Ang

Joy Ang is a freelance artist living in Edmonton. She's worked on Children's illustrations, gameart/concepts, editorials, comics, and advertisements. She was born in Calgary, Alberta, and graduated from the Alberta College of Art & Design. 

Joy Ang

Books by Joy Ang

Written by Dylan Thuras and Rosemary Mosco with illustrations by Joy Ang - Children's 8-12, Children's Nonfiction, Mystery, Travel

Created by the same team behind Atlas Obscura, the #1 New York Times bestseller that has over 600,000 copies in print in its first year, THE ATLAS OBSCURA EXPLORER’S GUIDE FOR THE WORLD’S MOST ADVENTUROUS KID is a thrillingly imaginative expedition to 100 weird-but-true places on earth. And just as compelling is the way the book is structured --- hopscotching from country to country not by location but by type of attraction. Illustrated in gorgeous and appropriately evocative full-color art, this book is a passport to a world of hidden possibilities.

Written by Stacy McAnulty with illustrations by Joy Ang - Children's 3-7, Fiction, Humor, Picture

No one likes baths. What a waste of time! There’s so much more important stuff to do! Plus, baths are super dangerous for a number of reasons. You want me to list a few? Most household accidents happen in the bathroom. Scientific fact! A kid in Texas turned into a prune after taking a bath. Scientific fact! If you need more evidence, allow me to point you to an excellent book called 101 REASONS WHY I'M NOT TAKING A BATH. It’s full of insightful and logical reasons why you should definitely not be subjected to this useless ritual.

by Ammi-Joan Paquette and Joy Ang - Children's, Fiction, Friendship, Juvenile Fiction

Petey is enjoying a peaceful afternoon when his good friend Pru starts to cause trouble. Petey reacts in turn, and before long, things have escalated from a scuffle to a true hullabaloo! This story about the true meaning of friendship is packed with excitement and vocabulary-expanding words that are fun to say and thrilling to master.