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John Coy


John Coy

John Coy is the author of picture books.
John is a member of the NBA Reading All-Star Team as part of the Read to Achieve program. CRACKBACK, his first young adult novel, is about high school football and his second, BOX OUT,is about high school basketball.
He is also the author of the popular for four middle-grade series. John lives in Minneapolis and visits schools nationally and internationally.

John Coy

Books by John Coy

by John Coy - Sports

From the rush of skateboarding to some of the most ultimate extreme sports like base jumping and ice climbing-there's so much to know about the world of extreme sports. The Olympics and the X-Games have opened our eyes to so much, but there's still so much to see. Do you want to learn more about aggressive inline skating? Do you want to read up on how to protect yourself next time you go sandboarding? If you feel the rush of adrenaline every time you think about riding that big wave, or taking that half-pipe by storm-this book is definitely for you!

by John Coy - Children's, Sports

Discover the true story of how in 1944, Coach John McLendon orchestrated a secret game between the best players from a white college and his team from the North Carolina College of Negroes. At a time of widespread segregation and rampant racism, this illegal gathering changed the sport of basketball forever.