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Joel N. Clark


Joel N. Clark

Joel N. Clark is the co-founder and Creative Director of Atlas District Pictures, a production and ideas house co-located in Washington, DC and Johannesburg, South Africa. As a writer-filmmaker, Clark's love for story and adventure shine through in the diversity of products he and his team create ranging from short films and features to sitcoms, commercials and justice-oriented documentaries filmed all over the world. He is also the author of AWAKE: A Book You Can Watch. He lives with his wife, Megan in Washington D.C.

Books by Joel N. Clark

written by Joel N. Clark and Mark Batterson - Fantasy, Supernatural

An Irish boy’s life explodes into a fantastical adventure when he travels through time and must face his fears, discern good from evil, and develop into a strong leader if he is to fulfill his destiny—to save the world or destroy it.