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Joe Bluhm


Joe Bluhm

Joe loves storytelling. He is a passionate artist, designer, writer and director who makes picture books, fine art, film and animation.

Joe was raised in the little town of Laceyville, PA, and attended college at the Cleveland Institute of Art. He quickly moved into illustration and caricatures, followed by animation and advertising in New York City. From here fate and collaboration took over, tossing him to Louisiana.

Joe has worked on Academy Award and Emmy Award-winning productions in animation. He has also illustrated a New York Times-bestselling picture book. Joe now lives in Louisiana with his wife and menagerie of pets, making the things he loves.

Joe also enjoys people, so please say hello.

Joe Bluhm

Books by Joe Bluhm

by Alison McGhee and Joe Bluhm - Children's, Children's 8-12, Contemporary Fiction, Family, Fiction, Youth Fiction

Whininess, annoyingness, afraid of the darkness, refusal to eat lima beans and pulling brother’s hair. This is the criteria on which little sisters are graded. Inspired by the notes Alison McGhee’s own kids would write each other, this heavily illustrated collection of letters and messages from an older brother to his little sister reveal the special love --- or, at the very least, tolerance --- siblings have for each other.