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Jodi Kendall


Jodi Kendall

Jodi Kendall is a children’s book author based in New York City. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from The University of Arizona and is an active member of SCBWI and featured Guest Speaker for Skype Classroom.

Jodi Kendall

Books by Jodi Kendall

by Jodi Kendall - Animals , Children's 8-12, Contemporary Fiction, Family, Fiction

Anytime Josie Shilling’s large family gets too chaotic, volunteering at the local animal clinic is the one place she can escape. But when a box mysteriously appears on the clinic’s front steps, Josie suddenly becomes responsible for seven adorable puppies! Taking care of her pig, Hamlet, last fall was a bit harder than she thought. So how is she ever going to handle a whole litter of mischievous pups and find the right homes for them all? This summer will bring big changes for Josie as she learns about growing up, letting go and loving your pack no matter what.

by Jodi Kendall

Josie Shilling’s family is too big, their cramped city house is too small and she feels like no one’s ever on her side. Then, on Thanksgiving Day, her older brother, Tom, brings home a pink, squirmy bundle wrapped in an old football jersey --- a piglet he rescued from a nearby farm. Her name is Hamlet. The minute Josie holds Hamlet, she feels an instant connection. But there’s no room for Hamlet in the crowded Shilling household. And whoever heard of keeping a pig in the city? So it’s up to Josie to find her a forever home.