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Jerome Pohlen


Jerome Pohlen

Jerome Pohlen is an editor and travel writer whose travel writing has appeared in the Chicago Reader, Readers Digest, and TimeOut Chicago. He is the author of Gay & Lesbian History for Kids, the Oddball series, and Progressive Nation. He has been a regular contributor on travel and culture for the Eight Forty-Eight Show on WBEZ, Chicago's NPR affiliate.

Jerome Pohlen

Books by Jerome Pohlen

by Jerome Pohlen - Children's 10+, History

Given today’s news, it would be easy to get the impression that the struggle for LGBT equality is a recent development, but it is only the final act in a struggle that started more than a century ago. This timely resource helps put recent events into context for kids ages nine & up. After a brief history up to 1900, each chapter discusses an era in the struggle for LGBT civil rights from the 1920s to today. 

by Jerome Pohlen - Children's 8-12

Best known for his general theory of relativity and the famous equation linking mass and energy, E = mc², Albert Einstein had a lasting impact on the world of science, the extent of which is illuminated --- along with his fascinating life and unique personality --- in this lively history.