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Jeramey Kraatz


Jeramey Kraatz

Jeramey Kraatz is the author of The Cloak Society series and a graduate of the MFA writing program at Columbia University. He's actually pretty scared of outer space. Jeramey lives in Texas, where he sometimes teaches, sometimes writes cartoon scripts, and is always up for queso. You can find him at or on Twitter @jerameykraatz.

Jeramey Kraatz

Books by Jeramey Kraatz

by Jeramey Kraatz - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Science Fiction

Benny and his friends in the Moon Platoon are able to fight off the first wave of attacks on Earth, but their genius leader Elijah West has now gone missing. As Benny and the gang gear up for the aliens’ next attacks, they discover that Elijah’s research partner, who’s long been presumed dead, is actually alive and living on the dark side of the moon. He knows things about the aliens that can help the Moon Platoon defeat them --- but can he be trusted? They don’t have long to decide, because the aliens are on their way --- and they’re coming for Benny and his friends first.

by Jeramey Kraatz - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship, Science Fiction
In the year 2085, Benny Love is pretty used to surviving on what he and his family can scavenge on Earth. But when he wins a scholarship for a life-changing trip to visit the Lunar Taj, the first-ever resort on the Moon, Benny thinks he finally has a chance to give his family a better life. Benny can’t wait to fly his very own Space Runner, practice reverse bungee jumping, and explore craters on the dark side of the Moon. But he gets more than he expected when he and the other kids discover the Moon has secrets no one else knows about.