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Jennifer P. Goldfinger


Jennifer P. Goldfinger

Jennifer P. Goldfinger is the author and illustrator of A Fish Named Spot and My Dog Lyle as well as the illustrator of The King’s Chorus. She is also a fine artist whose work has been in juried shows in the Museum of Fine Art in Boston and in a solo show at the Danforth Art Museum as well as being a featured artist in the book Encaustic.

Hello, My Name Is Tiger was inspired by her daughter’s friend Simon, who changed his name to Clifford and dressed as a big red dog (in red-footed pj’s) for four months. The only time he wasn’t dressed as a dog was at bath time, which was also laundry time.

Jennifer lives outside Boston with her husband, daughters, dog, and bunny. You can visit her online at

Jennifer P. Goldfinger

Books by Jennifer P. Goldfinger

by Jennifer P. Goldfinger - Children's 4-8, Fiction, Picture
Toby likes being a cat more than he likes being a boy. So when it’s time to go to school, he becomes a timid kitten. But when Toby finally gathers the courage to join in with the other kids, he finds out that everything is more fun with friends.