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Jennifer A. Bell


Jennifer A. Bell

Jennifer A. Bell is an illustrator whose work can be found on greeting cards, magazines and more than two dozen children's books. She studied fine art at the Columbus College of Art and Design and spent many years designing seasonal giftware and greeting cards before becoming a children's book illustrator. After several years of living in Minneapolis, she recently relocated to Toronto, where she lives with her husband, son, and cranky cat.

Her clients include Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins, Scholastic, Random House, Capstone Press, Tanglewood Press, Annick Press, Highlights High Five, Holiday House, Sleeping Bear Press, American Greetings and Great Arrow Graphics.

Jennifer A. Bell

Books by Jennifer A. Bell

Written by Calista Brill with illustrations by Jennifer A. Bell - Children's, Children's 4-8, Picture

No matter how hard Little Wing tries to fly, he always flops...until one day when his fluttering takes him above the clouds and far away --- maybe too far away! Lost in the sky, Little Wing has to find his way home. But thanks to a special someone, he learns the importance of dragon rules. And with a helping wing to guide him, Little Wing can be flip, flop, fearless!

Written by Stephen R. Swinburne and illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell. - Children's, Children's 3-5, Fiction, Picture

In this comforting read-aloud story, all the animals find cozy places to keep them safe and warm, no matter how loud the storm rumbles or how dark the night gets. Next to their mothers, the baby animals are able to let go of their fears and fall asleep despite the storm. SAFE IN A STORM is a fun, imaginative good-night story featuring loving animal characters. It'll comfort young children during scary storms and always.

written by Marion Dane Bauer with illustrations by Jennifer A. Bell - Animals , Children's 8-12, Friendship

When an indoor calico cat named Patches spots a golden autumn leaf fluttering past her window, she can’t help but venture outside to chase it. But soon, Patches feels something tugging at her, telling her to find a special place --- one she won’t know until she sees it. Why must she go on this search? She doesn’t know yet. Along the way, Patches finds herself in dire circumstances, but with the help of the other neighborhood animals, she faces off against the scariest dog in town and continues on her journey to her special place.