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Jen Petro-Roy


Jen Petro-Roy

Jen Petro-Roy is a former teen librarian, an obsessive reader and a trivia fanatic. She lives with her husband and two young daughters in Massachusetts. P.S. I MISS YOU is her debut novel.

Jen Petro-Roy

Books by Jen Petro-Roy

by Jen Petro-Roy - Children's 9-12, Children's Nonfiction, Diet, Food, Health/Fitness, Nonfiction, Self-Help

This nonfiction self-help book for young readers with disordered eating and body image problems delivers real talk about eating disorders and body image, tools and information for recovery and suggestions for dealing with the media messages that contribute so much to disordered eating. Many eating disorder books are written in a way that leaves many people out of the eating disorder conversation, and this book is written with a special eye to inclusivity, so that people of any gender, socioeconomic group, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or chronic illness can benefit.

by Jen Petro-Roy - Children's 9-12, Coming of Age, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Health/Fitness, Mental Health, Social Issues

12-year-old Riley was many things: an aspiring artist, a runner, a sister and a friend. From inside the inpatient treatment center where she's receiving treatment for anorexia, it's easy to forget all of that. When her roommate starts to break the rules, Riley realizes that recovery will be even harder than she thought. She starts to think that even if she does "recover," there's no way she'll stay recovered once she leaves the hospital. GOOD ENOUGH is a realistic depiction of inpatient eating disorder treatment and a moving story about a girl who has to fight herself to survive.

by Jen Petro-Roy - Children's, Children's 8-12, Coming of Age, Family, Fiction, Friendship, Gay & Lesbian, Juvenile Fiction, Youth Fiction

Evie is heartbroken when her strict Catholic parents send her pregnant sister, Cilla, away to stay with a distant great-aunt. All Evie wants is for her older sister to come back. Forbidden from speaking to Cilla, Evie secretly sends her letters. Evie writes about her family, torn apart and hurting. She writes about her life, empty without Cilla. And she writes about the new girl in school, June, who becomes her friend, and then maybe more than a friend. Evie could really use some advice from Cilla. But Cilla isn’t writing back, and it’s time for Evie to take matters into her own hands.