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Jef Czekaj


Jef Czekaj

Jef Czekaj is a cartoonist, children's book author and illustrator and musician.
He has illustrated four books, and written and illustrated six picture books and one graphic novel.
He DJs for an award-winning hip-hop group under an assumed name.
Jef lives and works in Somerville, MA.

Jef Czekaj

Books by Jef Czekaj

by Jef Czekaj - Animals , Children's 4-8, Family, Parenting

Two dogs must teach their new puppy to be a good dog. The puppy has to learn to growl...but it keeps tweeting. Roll over...but it eats worms... Will this puppy ever learn the Dog Rules?

by Jef Czekaj - Children's 4-6, Children's 5-8, Humor

Follow Austin across America on a madcap journey in which he travels to each of the 50 states. Packed with fascinating facts and doggy tidbits that seem almost too crazy to be true..this book makes learning geography a blast.