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Janet Shaw


Janet Shaw

Janet Shaw is the author of the Kaya and Kirsten books in The American Girls Collection. She has published two books of poetry‚ a collection of short fiction‚ and an adult novel‚ Taking Leave. Her short stories have also been published in magazines‚ including The Atlantic Monthly‚ Redbook‚ and McCall’s. She lives in Asheville‚ North Carolina.

Janet Shaw

Books by Janet Shaw

by Janet Shaw - Historical Fiction

Kirsten wonders if the cold Minnesota winter will ever end. It's crowded in the tiny log cabin, and Kirsten looks forward to the days she's allowed outside to help her brother Lars with his trap line. One day she brings home a baby raccoon she's found in the woods, and trouble begins. The raccoon gets loose and starts a fire that destroys the Larsons' home and everything in it. The future seems bleak, until Kirsten and Lars go back into the woods and make a frightening but important discovery.

by Janet Shaw

Kirsten's birthday isn't the only thing to celebrate this spring --- it's a season of new beginnings. The Larsons welcome a new baby and Papa and the local men build a brand new barn for the family.