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Jane Massey


Jane Massey

Jane Massey studied graphic design at Kingston University and worked for design agencies in London and Hong Kong. She is also known for her illustration work on packaging, advertising, and greeting cards. She lives on the southern coast of England with her family.

Jane Massey

Books by Jane Massey

Written by Kristy Dempsey and illustrated by Jane Massey - Children's 3-6, Family

Join a group of toddlers for an exciting day as their ten little toes wriggle and wiggle, splatter and pitter-patter, and wibble-wobble! After a small bump and fall, a parent comforts a child and kisses those little toes before setting the child back down. Once two feet touch the floor, ten little toes are off again!

by Alexandra Penfold and Jane Massey - Children's 2-4, Picture

The new baby hasn’t been here very long, but already has a busy schedule:
and, of course, poop!