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James Patterson


James Patterson

James Patterson has had more #1 bestsellers --- for children --- than any living writer. He is the author of the Middle School, I Funny, Treasure Hunters and Daniel X novels, as well as House of Robots. His blockbuster fiction for adults, featuring enduring characters like Alex Cross --- in addition to his many books for teens, such as the Maximum Ride series --- have sold more than 300 million copies worldwide. He lives in Florida.

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James Patterson
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Books by James Patterson

written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein with illustrations by Anuki Lopez - Adventure, Animals , Children's 8-12, Pets, Prejudice , Racism

Oscar is a happy dogg, but he knows that snobby katts are good for nothing but chasing up trees. Molly is a clever katt who just knows she's destined for fame and fortune as an actress. She comes from a family of well-bred katts who despise drooly, disgusting doggs! For their whole lives, Oscar and Molly have been told that katts and dogs hate each other. When they each get hopelessly lost in the woods, those lifelong prejudices flare up when they cross paths. Slowly, they realize that the only way to survive and find their way home is together?! Yeah, that's not going to happen!

Written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein with illustrations by Stephen Gilpin. - Family Life, Fiction, Friendship, Humor
David and his best friend Michael were tagged with awful nicknames way back in preschool when everyone did silly things. Fast-forward to seventh grade: "Pottymouth" and "Stoopid" are still stuck with the names --- and everyone in school, including the teachers and their principal, believe the labels are true. So how do they go about changing everyone's minds? 
written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein with illustrations by Laura Park - Children's 8-12, Comedy, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Friendship, Humor

Jamie Grimm is back and better than ever. After scoring big on national TV in the semifinals contest, everyone back home is jumping on the Jamie Grimm bandwagon and all the attention might be going to his head. Not only are his friendships starting to suffer, but the pressure of coming up with his best material ever for the ultimate standup act to snag the final win in Hollywood is pushing Jamie to the brink. Suddenly, life isn't looking very funny anymore. Can Jamie take the grand prize without pushing away his fans, friends and family?

written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein with illustrations by Beverly Johnson - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Science

Max Einstein is not your typical genius. She hacks the computer system at NYU to attend classes, builds inventions to help the homeless and talks to Albert Einstein (okay that's just in her imagination). But everything changes when Max is recruited by a mysterious organization! Their mission: solve some of the world's toughest problems using science. She's helped by a diverse group of young geniuses from around the globe as they invent new ways to power the farthest reaches of the planet. But that's only if the sinister outfit known only as The Corporation doesn't get to her first.

written by James Patterson with illustrations by Xavier Bonet and contributions from Duane Swierczynski - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Technology

Invisible creatures are attacking the school, and 12-year-old Bartholomew Bean is the only one who can stop them! Okay, so maybe Bart is only a hero in the video game app he created. But if he reveals his identity as the genius behind the game, he'll become the most popular kid in school! Or he could secretly use the game to get back at his bullies...Press Button A: Reveal or Press Button B: Revenge. Which would you choose?

written by James Patterson and Joey Green with illustrations by Hatem Aly - Children's, Children's 8-12, Drama, Fiction, Science, Science Fiction

Norbert Riddle lives in the United State of Earth, where normal means following the rules and being exactly the same as everyone else, down to the plain gray jumpsuits he wears everyday. He's been normal his whole life --- until a moment of temporary hilarity when he does a funny impression of their dictator, Loving Leader...and gets caught! Now, Norbert's been arrested and banished to planet Zorquat 3, where kids who defy the rules roam free in the Astronuts camp. Norbert has been taught his whole life that different is wrong, but everyone at Astronuts is crazy, creative and insane!

by James Patterson - Children's, Fiction

The Kidd siblings have grown up diving down to shipwrecks and traveling the world, helping their famous parents recover everything from swords to gold doubloons from the bottom of the ocean. But after their parents disappear on the job, the kids are suddenly thrust into the biggest treasure hunt of their lives. They'll have to work together to defeat dangerous pirates and dodge the hot pursuit of an evil treasure hunting rival, all while following cryptic clues to unravel the mystery of what really happened to their parents --- and find out if they're still alive.

Learn more about the next book in the series here, TREASURE HUNTERS: Secrets of the Forbidden City, which comes out September 14th.

Written by James Patterson with Chris Grabenstein - Comedy, Current Affairs

Comedian Jamie Grimm can't help feeling like he's reached the top --- he has his own smash hit TV show and he's won a national funny-kid competition. But now he's taking his fame and fortune to international levels by competing in the upcoming world kid comic contest! Will Jamie prove that he's the funniest kid on earth --- or does he stand (or sit!) to lose his crown?

Written by Michael Fry with a foreword by James Patterson - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Family, Family Life, Fiction, Science Fiction, Superhero
Victor Spoil comes from a long line of famous supervillains and he's fully expected to join their ranks one day. But to his family's utter disappointment, Victor doesn't have a single bad-guy bone in his body. He won't run with scissors, he always finishes his peas, and he can't stand to be messy. Hopeless! As a last-ditch effort before they give up and let him be a --- gasp! --- civilian, Victor's exasperated parents send him to apprentice under a disgraced supervillain called The Smear.
Written by Ron Bates with Foreword by James Patterson - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Science Fiction

Thirteen-year-old Sully Stringfellow has always admired the great plumber heroes of Nitro City. These wrench-wielding warriors guarded the sewers until they were discredited by the powerful Ironwater Corporation, which has a scheme to take over the city. Without the plumbers, Nitro is being overrun by mutant creatures and things are about to go totally nuclear thanks to the potentially explosive 50th Anniversary Burrito Festival! It's up to Sully and a league of long-forgotten plumber heroes to save the day, making it safe for all to flush again. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it!

Written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein. Illustrated by Joe Sutphin. - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship, Youth Fiction

What makes Isaiah so unique? First, his fur is as blue as the sky --- which until recently was something he'd never seen, but had read all about. That's right ---Isaiah can read, and write. He can also talk to humans...if any of them are willing to listen! After a dramatic escape from a mysterious laboratory, Isaiah is separated from his "mischief" (which is the word for a mouse family), and has to use his special skills to survive in the dangerous outdoors, and hopefully find his missing family.

Written by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts with Illustrations by Laura Park - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Humor, Juvenile Fiction

After a mostly-successful stint at Hills Valley Middle School, Rafe is excited to visit the incredible city of London with his class. Sightseeing around a foreign country sounds like a blast, until Rafe finds out his roommate will be none other than Miller the Killer, bully extraordinaire! Then Rafe is forced to work on a class project side by side with his crush Jeanne Galletta and her too-perfect boyfriend, which might be even more torturous than rooming with Miller. Out of all of his adventures, this trip could prove to be Rafe's most embarrassing yet, undoing everything good he has going for him back home!

Written by Scott Seegert and John Martin with a foreword by James Patterson - Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship, Humor, Science Fiction
Kelvin Klosmo isn't just the new kid at school --- he's the new kid in the galaxy! Welcome to Sci-Fi Junior High: an inter-galactic space station with students of all shapes, sizes, smells, and...slime content. As the son of Earth's two most famous geniuses, Kelvin isn't just the smartest kid in the world...he's the smartest kid in the UNIVERSE. At least, that's what everybody at Sci-Fi Junior High thinks. So, maybe Kelvin lied a little about being a genius to fit in. And maybe a mad scientist is about to take over the universe unless Kelvin can stop him. Maybe everyone is doomed. 
Written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein with illustrations by Kerascoët - Children's 8-12, Family, Family Life, Fiction, Historical Fiction
Jacky Hart has found a hidden talent in the performing arts, and she's a triple threat onstage! She wants nothing more than to act and sing all summer --- but her parents have other plans for her. Jacky reluctantly signs up for a summer job in her resort town of Seaside Heights, New Jersey, where tourists come to enjoy the beach and fun carnival atmosphere. Now she has serious responsibilities like her job and babysitting her younger sisters, but Jacky longs to perform in the summer stock performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
by James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein, and Jeff Ebbeler - Children's 9-12, Fiction, Humor
Jimmy loves reading so much that he's inspired to start a book company for kids --- run by kids. It's a bit dream for a twelve-year-old boy --- some would even say it's laugh-out-loud ridiculous! But that doesn't stop Jimmy from dreaming even bigger! His company will be as imaginative and fun as Willy Wonka's chocolate factory...with a Ferris wheel instead of an elevator, a bowling alley in the break room, and a river filled with floating books! He just has to believe in himself and his idea. (And maybe win the Lotto.)
Written by James Patterson and Jack Patterson with contributions by Florence Yue and illustrations by Jim Madsen - Animals , Children's 4-8, Fiction, Humor

Penguins --- our lovable, cute, flightless friends who are constantly dressed for a formal occasion ---have always fascinated humans. As we shuffle through life one day at a time, it's easy to take things far too seriously, but when we see penguins taking a walk in our shoes it's impossible not to recognize how silly we can actually be. Featuring humorous illustrations with captions that show penguins in the day-to-day situations that we've all experienced --- from a relaxing day at the beach to a stressful morning commute.

Written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein with illustrations by Jomike Tejido - Children's 8-12, Family, Family Life, Fiction, Friendship

Teaching other kids how to be funny is the toughest gig that Jamie Grimm has ever had, and with the highest stakes. If he fails, his school library will be shut down for good! Even though he has a national contest trophy and a TV show under his belt, Jamie Grimm isn't one to sit back and relax. When his school has a major funding crisis, Jamie hits on a bright idea to save the day --- a comedy class for the other students. Little does he know that making jokes and teaching jokes are two very different things...and he's only good at one of them.

Written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein. Illustrated by Juliana Neufeld. - Children's 8-12, Family, Fiction

Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez and his 'bro-bot' E are making new friends every day as E works as his bedridden sister Maddie's school proxy. But disaster strikes when E malfunctions just in time to be upstaged by the super-cool new robot on the block --- and loses his ability to help Maddie. Now it's up to Sammy to figure out what's wrong with E and save his family!

by Bill O'Reilly and James Patterson - Children's, Children's 2-4, Fiction

In this inspired collaboration, bestselling authors Bill O'Reilly and James Patterson remind us all that a single word --- "Please?" --- is useful in a thousand different ways. From finding a lovable stray dog to needing a partner on a seesaw, from reading a bedtime story to really, really needing a cookie, GIVE PLEASE A CHANCE depicts scenes and situations in which one small word can move mountains. With a vivid array of illustrations by seventeen different artists, this charming, helpful book is a fun and memorable way for children to learn the magic power of one simple word: please.

Written by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts. Illustrated by Jomike Tejido - Children's 8-12, Fiction, Humor

Life in middle school is finally starting to seem bearable-until Rafe spots his grandmother standing on the free-meal line at the local soup kitchen. In order to help bring in more money, Rafe concocts a brilliant plan-a dog-walking business that soon turns into a huge money-making neighborhood empire. He'll even have extra cash to buy his own WormHole Deluxe Multi-Platform GameBox! That is, until two terrible twins launch the Great Dog War by sabotaging Rafe's flyers and stealing his customers.

written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein with illustrations by Kerascoët - Children's 8-12, Family Life, Performing Arts

With her irresistible urge to tell a joke in every situation --- even when she really, really shouldn't --- 12-year-old Jacky Ha-Ha loves to make people laugh. And cracking wise helps distract her from thinking about not-so-funny things in her life, like her mom serving in a dangerous, faraway war, and a dad who's hardly ever home. But no matter how much fun Jacky has, she can't seem to escape her worries. So one starlit night, she makes a promise to keep her family together...even if she has to give up the one thing that makes her happy. But can she stop being Jacky Ha-Ha, if that's who she really is?

Written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein with illustrations by Laura Park - Children's 8-12, Friendship, Performing Arts

Jamie Grimm has finally accomplished his dream of proving himself the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic, and the sky's the limit from there. Enter a couple of TV executives with a huge plan for Jamie: a new show about Jamie and his oddball friends! But when Jamie struggles to learn the acting ropes, will it be an early curtain call for the biggest show of the decade? 

by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein - Children's, Fiction

Bick and Beck Kidd are desperately trying to secure the ancient Chinese artifact that will buy their mother's freedom from renegade pirates. But when the kidnappers force them to locate an even greater treasure --- priceless paintings stolen by Nazis, the Kidds must rely on their own cunning and experience to outwit the criminals, all while their mom's life is on the line.

by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts - Children's, Fiction

In this seventh Middle School episode, Rafe heads back to the place his misadventures began: the dreaded Hills Village Middle School, where he's now being forced to take "special" classes.. He also finds himself joining the school's football team --- alongside his main tormenter, Miller the Killer! But Rafe has grand plans for a better year: First, he decides to start a super-secret art project that's sure to rock the school. Then, if Rafe manages to make a play to save his team, he might have to deal with something completely new: popularity!

Written by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts with illustrations by Cory Thomas - Adventure

Kenny Wright is a kid with a secret identity. In his mind, he's Stainlezz Steel, super-powered defender of the weak. In reality, he's a chess club devotee known as a "Grandma's Boy," a label that makes him an easy target for bullies. Kenny wants to bring a little more Steel to the real world, but the question is: can he recognize his own true strength before peer pressure forces him to make the worst choice of his life?

by James Patterson - Science Fiction

It was never easy for Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez to fit in, so he's dreading the day when his genius mom insists he bring her newest invention to school: a walking, talking robot he calls E--for "Error". Sammy's no stranger to robots--his house is full of a colorful cast of them. But this one not only thinks it's Sammy's brother... it's actually even nerdier than Sammy. Will E be Sammy's one-way ticket to Loserville? Or will he prove to the world that it's cool to be square? It's a roller-coaster ride for Sammy to discover the amazing secret E holds that could change family forever... if all goes well on the trial run!

by James Patterson - Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult 10+

Are you ready for the final chapter of the Maximum Ride series? Are you ready for the ultimate flight? Because THIS IS IT. In NEVERMORE, James Patterson has given readers one last incredible, explosive adventure with an astonishing ending that no one could have seen coming.

by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein - Adventure, Fiction

The Kidd siblings have grown up diving down to shipwrecks and traveling the world, helping their famous parents recover everything from swords to gold doubloons. But after their parents disappear on the job, the kids are suddenly on the biggest treasure hunt of their lives. They'll have to work together to follow cryptic clues to unravel the mystery of what really happened to their parents.

Written by James Patterson and Lisa Papademetriou, illustrated by Neil Swaab - Children's, Children's 10-14, Fiction, Youth Fiction

Georgia Khatchadorian plans to excel at Hills Village Middle School in all the places her troublemaking brother failed. She's even bet him that she'll quickly become one of the most popular girls in school. But Rafe left a big mark at HVMS, and no one will give Georgia a chance! Find out THE TRUTH about Rafe Khatchadorian's sister in the first Middle School story from the point of view of Georgia.

Written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein, Illustrated by Laura Park - Children's, Fiction

Jamie Grimm wants to become a stand up comic, but his life doesn't give him too much to laugh about. However, when the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic contest rolls around he knows he has to enter. Can he pull it off?

written by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts, illustrated by Laura Park - Children's, Children's 10-14, Fiction, Youth Fiction

Rafe Khatchadorian has enough problems at home without throwing his first year of middle school into the mix. Luckily, he's got an ace plan for the best year ever: to break every rule in his school's oppressive Code of Conduct. Chewing gum in class: 5,000 points! Running in the hallway: 10,000 points! Pulling the fire alarm: 50,000 points! But when Rafe's game starts to catch up with him, he'll have to decide if winning is all that matters, or if he's finally ready to face the rules, bullies and truths he's been avoiding.

written by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts, illustrated by Laura Park - Children's, Children's 10-14, Fiction, Youth Fiction

After sixth grade, the very worst year of his life, Rafe Khatchadorian has been accepted to art school in the big city and imagines a relaxed, math-and-history free fun zone. However, it’s more competitive than Rafe ever expected, and he needs to turn his boring life into a work of art. But when his newest mission uncovers secrets about the family he has never known, Rafe has to decide if he's ready to have his world turned upside down.

written by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet, illustrated by Svetlana Chmakova - Fiction, Manga, Young Adult 12+

Imagine waking up to find that the world around you --- life as you know it --- has changed in an instant. That's what happens to Whit Allgood and his sister, Wisty.

written by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge with illustrations by SeungHui Kye - Adventure, Fiction, Manga, Science Fiction, Young Adult 12+

When his parents are murdered by an intergalactic criminal, Daniel X vows to take on his father's role as Earth's sole Alien Hunter. Luckily, Daniel has a gift: the ability to create anything he can imagine --- including his parents, his sister and his best friends, who are there to help him along the way.

by James Patterson - Adventure, Fantasy

Max and her flock of human/bird hybrids are back for their sixth book of nonstop action and adventure. This time, they head to Africa to help out at a refugee camp. But they are in for a surprise when they meet a brand new kid/bird hybrid --- genetically engineered to be Max's perfect other half.

written by James Patterson, illustrated by NaRae Lee - Fiction, Manga, Young Adult 12+

Having recovered Angel, Max and the flock head to New York City to pursue a lead regarding their true identities. But where the flock goes, erasers are sure to follow! Even more troubling, though, is the voice that’s begun whispering in Max’s head. Is it really her destiny to save the world?

by James Patterson - Adventure, Fantasy

Maximum Ride and the other members of the Flock have barely recovered from their last arctic adventure, when they are confronted by the most frightening catastrophe yet. Millions of fish are dying off the coast of Hawaii and someone --- or something --- is destroying hundreds of ships. Unable to discover the cause, the government enlists the Flock to help them get to the bottom of the disaster before it is too late.

While Max and her team are exploring the depths of the ocean, their every move is being carefully tracked by Mr. Chu --- a criminal mastermind with his own plans for the Flock. Can they protect themselves from Mr. Chu's army of mercenaries and save the ocean from utter destruction?

written by James Patterson; illustrated by NaRae Lee - Manga

Fourteen-year-old Maximum Ride knows what it’s like to soar above the world. She and all the members of her “flock” --- Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman and Angel --- are just like ordinary kids, except they have wings and can fly! It may seem like a dream come true to some, but for the flock it’s more like a living nightmare. When the mysterious lab known as the “School” turns up and kidnaps their youngest member, it’s up to Max to organize a rescue, but will help come in time?

by James Patterson - Adventure, Fantasy

Maximum Ride is a perfectly normal teenager who just happens to be able to fly: the result of an out-of-control government experiment. Max and the other members of the Flock --- six kids who share her remarkable ability --- have been asked to aid a group of environmental scientists studying the causes of global warming. Their ability to fly could help the scientists conquer this epic problem. The expedition seems like a perfect combination of adventure, activism --- and escaping government forces who watch the Flock like a hawk. But even in Antarctica, trapped in the harshest weather on our planet, Maximum Ride is an irresistible target in constant danger. For whoever controls her powers could also control the world…

by James Patterson - Adventure, Fantasy

Max and her flock of human/bird hybrids are back for their third (and final) book of nonstop action and adventure. Once again, they find themselves up against enormous challenges, like escaping the evil scientists and saving the world. But can they survive their biggest challenge --- a disagreement that splits the flock into two separate groups on opposite sides of the planet?

by James Patterson - Adventure, Fantasy

In the follow-up to THE ANGEL EXPERIMENT, Maximum Ride and her flock fly south on a perilous quest to find their parents after having rescued Angel and recovered secret documents about their origins. But just when they think they've finally escaped the hungry claws of evil Erasers, they're discovered by an FBI agent and forced to face perhaps an even worse nightmare: going to school.

by James Patterson - Adventure, Fantasy

James Patterson takes readers on a thrilling ride in his first book for young adults. Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, Angel, and Maximum are six kids who amazingly have the ability to fly --- and they will need their wings as five of them embark on a rescue mission that will change their lives forever.