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James Howe


James Howe

James Howe is the author of many acclaimed and beloved books for teenagers and children, including THE MISFITS, THE WATCHER, and the best-selling BUNNICULA and its many sequels, including the Tales from the House of Bunnicula books. He is also the editor of THE COLOR OF ABSENCE: 12 Stories about Loss and Hope. He lives in New York State.



James Howe

Books by James Howe

Written by James Howe and illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson - Children's 4-6, Picture

Despite the fact that they share a name, Big Bob and Little Bob are different. Big Bob likes trucks and throwing balls and being loud. Little Bob likes dolls and jingling bracelets and being quiet. No matter what they do, they do not do it the same. Could they possibly be friends despite these differences? With humor and tenderness, James Howe and Laura Ellen Anderson beautifully depict the struggles and rewards that come when friendships are forged between different kinds of people.

by James Howe - Fiction

Skeezie Tookis, also known as Elvis, isn’t looking forward to this summer in Paintbrush Falls. While his best friends Bobby, Joe and Addie are off on exciting adventures, he’s stuck at home, taking care of his sisters and working five days a week to help out his mom. In the words of the King, Skeezie Tookis is All Shook Up.

by James Howe and Chris Raschka - Picture

The day Otter found love, he wasn't looking for it. He was looking for dinner. But then he gazed into the round, sweet, glistening eyes of Myrtle the fish, and he knew.